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Quahog Clam Shell Mesh Necklace-ccn213


Pewter Quahog Shell, Glass Faux Beads, Pewter Cuff Barnacle Beads, and Ring Mesh Necklace

Item Description

Native Americans on Cape Cod transformed the Quahog Shell to make beads for their own form of currency and jewelry making. Our Quahog Shell is a replica of an actual shell that has been cast in high grade lead free pewter replicating the exact shape and detail of the quahog shell. We have combined this beautiful and lustrous shell with pewter plated beads with a barnacle inspired pattern on the surface and faux pearls attached to the Ring Mesh Necklace. The glimmering ring mesh provides a gentle interpretation of the sand flats of Cape Cod Bay where the quahogs are abundant. This necklace is a must for the special occasion as you remember your Cape Cod memories.

Additional Information


Newly crafted in USA

Item Weight

0.9 oz

Item Length

Length is 15 1/2 inches expands to 19 1/2 inches. Mesh width 1/2 inch Dangle Barnacle, shell, and mesh 3 1/2 inches Mesh is 2 inches Shell is 1 inch Shell weight 0.1 oz Cuff barnacle is 1/2 inch long by 1/4 inch wide Bead is 1/8 in round


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All weights and measurements are approximate There may be very slight variations in items as they are individually hand crafted.


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