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Sand Dollar Mesh Earrings


Pewter Sand Dollar Earring attached to Short Ring Mesh

Item Description

The prehistoric sea creature, Sand Dollar, is a treasure found at low tide in sandy beach areas. We have flawlessly captured the detail of genuine sand dollar cast out of lead-free pewter. The Pewter Sand Dollar Earring is a gentle reminder of a summer walk along the beach on Cape Cod.

Pair these beautiful earrings with our unique pewter Sand Dollar necklace and bracelet for beautifully detailed Sand Dollar Jewelry Collection of Cape Cod. Casual or formal, this necklace is undeniably an enchanting addition to your fashion accessories

Additional Information


Newly crafted in USA

Item Weight

0.3 oz

Item Length

Length 2 inches Mesh 1 1/4 in by 3/8 widest width Sand Dollar 7/8 inch round


Yes. Please see our Warranty Page for detailed information.

Please Note:

All weights and measurements are approximate There may be very slight variations in items as they are individually hand crafted.


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