Chain Maille Tassel Earrings-1

Chain Maille Tassel Earrings


Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Earrings in Tassel Shape

Item Description

An imaginative and inspiring set of Chain Maille Tassel Earrings
dangle as they flow with your body movements. The Chain Maille Tassel Earrings are made of Stainless Steel Ring Mesh and are fun to wear and give you a little retro look.

A perfect accessory to your jewelry collection for work or a special event or just to wear when walking the beach.

Additional Information


New. Newly crafted in USA

Item Weight

Weight Less than one tenth (1/10) of an ounce

Item Length

Length Overall 1 7/8 inches, Mesh Length 1 1/4 iches


Yes. Please see our Warranty Page for detailed information.

Please Note:

All weights and measurements are approximate There may be very slight variations in items as they are individually hand crafted.


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