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Cape Cod Jewelry Updates and News

Recently in October, invited Cape Cod to sell our jewelry on their website. We are very excited and we have been working to place some of the Cape Cod Jewelry inventory online with

At the same time, we had just taken on another line of jewelry to complement Cape Cod Jewelry’s Fashion Mesh Ferrara Jewelry. Our new Cape Cod Jewelry line is also locally handmade with the same careful attention and quality presenting a different style of jewelry with bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with Cape Cod sea life, ocean and nautical themes. We have added Lighthouse and Nantucket Basket Jewelry that is absolutely beautiful. This is complemented by the whimsical Flip Flop that everyone loves.

We are also excited to bring you our version of the unique ball bracelet that is always a long standing favorite on Cape Cod by residents and visitors alike. It is an easy to put on and take off bracelet with the classic gold ball and delicate wire wrap embracing the gold ball.
Please remember also that you can see firsthand a small sampling of our Fashion Mesh Jewelry at the Centerville Historical Society Gift Shop at the same time you visit the museum and learn about the history of Cape Cod and Centerville.

Please review our new merchandise and let us know what you think. We welcome your input so we can provide the merchandise you would want to see us carry in our web store that provide those special memories of your time on Cape Cod.

Thank you for your continued interest in Cape Cod Jewelry and being our customer and please see us also at the Cape Cod Jewelry-CCJ Storefront at as well.

We are wishing you and your family all the best of Health, Happiness and Love in the New Year.


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Planning a Wedding?

Are you planning a Spring or Summer wedding.

Please see Cape Cod Jewelry for some beautiful and unique jewelry for your special day. Our Coast Guard Beach Collection Coast Guard Beach Collection, Sand Dollar Collection Sand Dollar Collection at Cape Cod Jewelry or Sea Glass Collection Sea Glass Collection e Cape Cod Jewelry are just a few suggestions for special jewelry for your special day. The Scallop Shell Key Chain is a perfect wedding attendant gift or wedding favor. We offer special pricing on bulk orders.

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Stainless Metal Mesh Jewelry for Spring Time or any Season


Springtime brings sunshine to Cape Cod


Welcome to Sandie’s Corner,


Special days to celebrate will soon be here.

 Easter and Mother’s Day will soon be here in April and May.  It is perfect time to look through our collections for that special piece of jewelry to wear or give someone dear to you. We have a wonderful variety of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and belts as well as our new Eyeglass Necklace for that certain someone. Birthdays are celebrated year round and our jewelry can keep the memories of Cape Cod and summer fun any time of year.

Are you planning a spring time Wedding,  Prom, or  Special Function?

Our Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Jewelry has some beautiful and unique necklaces, earrings and bracelets to beach rock with shellcomplement your gowns or clothing. You can chose from our Coast Guard Collection for a beautiful and bold statement or our delicate Sea Glass Collection for a beautiful and charming statement.  But wait, we also have our Wave, Star Fish, Sea Shell and Sand Dollar Collections and individual  pieces to complement any choice you may have.

Party Favors

Please view our Scallop Shell Key Chain as a wonderful wedding or party favor. It certainly provides a Cape Cod Memory for everyone.

Special Pricing on Bulk Orders

We offers discount prices on bulk orders for your wedding party gifts or guest favors.  You can Contact Us with the number of items you would like and we will price it out specifically for you. We offer this pricing as well as a gift certificate for a future purchase with each order.

small shellMemories Forever Kept in the Hearts at Cape Cod Jewelry



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Weight of Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Jewelry


Springtime is just around the corner!


Welcome to Sandie’s Corner

We will like to answer a couple of questions we have been asked about our Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Jewelry. It is new design and so different from the usual type of Jewelry and that lends it to some specific questions.

Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Jewelry has many qualities not seen in other pieces of jewelry made of gold, silver, or other metals that are structured for a particular style or use.scallop shell

Stainless steel ring mesh conforms to your body’s natural lines and is light in weight.  Even the pieces that are large like our long necklaces or belts are surprisingly very light in weight.   Please note the weight of a piece of our jewelry you like and compare it to the weight of a quarter at 0.2 ounce, nickel at 0.2 ounce or 6 pennies at 0.2 ounce.

Another characteristic of Cape Cod Jewelry’s special designs that is very valuable to the consumer is the adjustability of the actual piece of most of our jewelry. Depending on the type of clasp on the piece, you have the option to adjust the metal clasp to any part of the bracelet or necklace and change the style and look in a completely different way.

 The bracelet or necklace can be made smaller or larger using this technique.  The longer necklaces such as the Starfish Necklace can be doubled up to provide two necklaces in one.  Cape Cod Jewelry’s Sand Dollar Belts can also be adjusted to allow you to have them placed at your hips or waist creating a different look each time you wear them.

small beach rock and shellAll in all, Cape Cod Jewelry’s Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Jewelry with our many different Cape Cod Themes is new and exciting and a wonderful way to express your love of Cape Cod to and for that special person in your life.

Happy Spring,