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Regal Sea Shell Dangle Earrings


Antique Silver Shell, Antique Gold Bead, and Stainless Steel Ring Mesh

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Item Description

The Regal Sea Shell Dangle Earrings honor our most famous beach, Coast Guard Beach.

Our Antique Silver Sea Shell Earrings which are classic dangle earrings with Antique Silver Plate Sea Shells, Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Sea Fans and Antique Gold Plated Beads with lever back earring sea shell posts.

The Regal Sea Shell Dangle Earrings are an alternative longer earring complement to our Regal Sea Shell Necklace and Regal Sea Shell Bracelet.

Our Coast Guard Beach Collection is a special ensemble, regal in design, for any special occasion, formal or causal. The graceful dangle earring is timeless and everlasting.

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New. Newly crafted in USA

Item Weight

Weight 0.3 ounces

Item Length

Length Overall 4 inches, Shell 3/8 inch wide by 2/8 inch long


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