Bracelet ccbr118
Bracelet ccbr118Bracelet ccbr118

Surfer Beach Sea Glass Bracelet


Beach Sea Glass, Antique Silver Sea Shells and Ring Mesh Strap

Item Description

Our Surfer Beach Glass Bracelet is fun and colorful. The light blue beach glass is shaped in the design of surf boards with Antique Sea Shells attached to the bluish beach glass and mesh strap flowing like waves on each side.  The Surfer Beach Glass Bracelet is whimsical for any social or family function.  A true jewelry representation of a day at the beach on Cape Cod.
The Color and Shape of the Beach Glass may vary slightly due to special characteristics and sources.

Watch a video of the bracelet:


Additional Information


New. Newly crafted in USA

Item Weight

Total weight 0.4 oz

Item Lenght

Overall Length 8 inches


Yes. Please see our Warranty Page for detailed information.

Please Note

All weights and measurements are approximate There may be variations in items as they are individually hand crafted. | The added charms, sea glass, etc, each have their own individual characteristics.


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